There’s a new way to keep more of every $$$. 

Add ACH to your pack.

Our new ACH integration (EFT in Canada) lets you pull payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts – so you can avoid percentage based pricing, control your transactions and keep more of your money.

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Your business. Your choice.

Love your accounting tools? So do we! We integrate with your chosen accounting software while providing the bank-to-bank, and pre-authorized debit transactions you need.

Your cash. Your rules.

Trade percentage pinching for pocket padding. With our flat-rate per transaction ACH pricing, you can oversee your fees and maximize returns on every sale.

Your future. Your growth.

Our detailed status reporting on each ACH transaction enhances financial forecasting accuracy and gives you the visibility you need to catch issues before they become a problem.

Fetch bigger profits, leave behind hefty fees.

You work hard for your money. Keep more of it. Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) integration helps you reduce and control your payment fees – ensuring that every deal you seal leaves a bit more in your pocket. From automating manual processes to offering convenient scheduling tools, our bank-to-bank integration is built around your bottom line.

  • Reduce processing fees with flat per transaction pricing, rather than percentage based pricing
  • Reduce costly error-prone manual processes with automated transactions
  • Herd your funds. Strategically batch and schedule to control your cashflow

Take the lead, and command your cash flow.

With full visibility into your ACH transactions and instant alerts for returns or reversals, our reporting gives you more control over the flow of your money and the growth of your business.

  • Track your ACH settlements so you know exactly where your money is
  • Stay up-to-date without having to manage multiple entries with integrated refunds
  • We’re on watch. Get peace of mind knowing your transactions are secured, and protected

Tired of payment options biting
into your profits? Get ACH today.

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