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Transform your transaction processes with our expansive features. From diversifying your payment acceptance to simplifying customer transactions and optimizing your cash flow, our features offer the flexibility and ease your business deserves.

Auto processing

Our automated payment processing reduces your manual workload and ensures timely error-free payments. We process payments when due dates are met, and sync back to QuickBooks or Xero ensuring your accounting is always up to date.

  • Email reports for all transactions
  • Searchable and exportable transaction records
  • Funds deposited directly in your bank account
  • Configurable rules so you can control which processes are automated, and which stay manual
  • Credit Card, ACH, EFT , Bank to Bank and Pre Authorized Debits

Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal makes it easy for customers to manage their accounts and make changes effortlessly – taking more tasks off your to-do list while delivering a better customer experience.

  • One-click enable/disable access
  • No account setup required
  • Customers can fetch their old invoices during tax time directly from the portal
  • Customers can schedule payments through the portal
  • Highly configurable – choose what customers can do

Automated Clearing House

Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) integration augments our credit card payment integrations helping you reduce and control your payment fees. From automating manual processes to offering convenient scheduling tools, our bank-to-bank integration is built around your bottom line.

  • Flat per transaction pricing
  • Integrated refunds
  • ACH settlement tracking
  • Instant alerts for returns and reversals

Automated emails and dunning

Stay in the loop while keeping customers in the know with automated updates on new and outstanding invoices with automated emails through Invoice Rover.

  • Automatically send new invoices with payment links
  • Schedule reminder rules for upcoming and overdue invoices
  • Configure reminder settings for specific recipients, frequencies, and invoice types
  • Automatically distribute monthly account statements
  • Available to QuickBooks Online users May 6th.
  • Beta pre-release available by request to Xero and QuickBooks Desktop Users

Reporting and audit logging

Optimize your financial oversight with comprehensive reporting and audit logging. Gain valuable insights, and enhance your ability to monitor and manage financial activities.


Broaden your reach and thrive globally with multi-currency capabilities. Our platform supports multi-currency on the accounting side, automating conversions by intelligently routing payments through the appropriate gateway based on currency.

Integrated virtual terminal

Experience streamlined processing of phone and mail orders with our integrated virtual terminal, or process a payment on your schedule. Just a few clicks enable you to handle payments, refunds, and voids, expanding your payment options with efficiency and ease.

Custom settings

Manage your customers’ payment processing settings, from customizing emails and receipt distribution to managing payment profiles. Our rules engine offers you the flexibility to tailor a workflow that fits just right, ensuring your payment processes run smoothly and just how you like.

Integrated refunds and voids

No more manual backtracking for refunds. Refunds and voids are integrated into your payment and accounting system, simplifying things for both you and your customers.

Security and compliance

Benji Pays ensures financial accuracy and compliance with GAAP standards and safeguards your customer’s data, so you can sleep soundly knowing your business is secure.

Integrated surcharging

Surcharging for all gateways

Boost your bank balance. Benji Pays can be set up to add a percentage surcharge to all credit card transactions. Benji Pays will automatically create the appropriate accounting entries to record these surcharges, and ensure they are on the receipts sent to your customers.

Elavon surcharging

Elavon’s Converge gateway can be configured to add a percentage surcharge to credit card transactions. This flexible approach helps manage expenses while keeping customers happy.

QuickBooks online invoice payment links

Insert an invoice payment link in your QuickBooks Online invoice email template, allowing your customers to pay you right away. These integrated links work with your existing Moneris, Bambora, Global Payments, Helcim, Clover, and Stripe merchant account.

QuickBooks desktop invoice payment links

Insert a templated ‘Pay Now’ link into your QuickBooks Desktop invoice emails, and just like that, payments become a breeze for your customers. These seamlessly integrated links are fully compatible with your existing Moneris, Bambora, Global Payments, Helcim, Clover, and Stripe merchant accounts.

Xero invoice payment links

Setup your Benji Pays to integrate with Xero Accounting using Xero’s custom invoice payment link functionality. Auto processing saves you time and money by making your credit card processing nearly hands-free, and can also send invoices that can be paid with a click of a button.

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Frequently asked questions

What data will you access and store in my accounting system ?

When you integrate with Benji Pays, we access and store specific data from your accounting system to enhance your payment processing experience. This includes customer details for linking to stored cards, account names from your chart of accounts for accurate payment application, invoice details for detailed reporting, sales tax rates for precise calculations, payment method types for processing accuracy, and credit memo data for streamlined handling. As we evolve and add new features, we might adaptively require more data to ensure a seamless experience. Importantly, you’re always in control and can disconnect at any time.

How secure is Benji Pays ?

At Benji Pays, security isn’t just a feature; it’s our foundation. Our platform leverages the formidable security infrastructure of Amazon’s servers, providing unparalleled protection for your data. Every piece of data sent 
to or from Benji Pays is encrypted using industry-standard SSL certificates and HTTPS protocols. Similarly, we ensure the encryption and restricted server access of your stored data. Our commitment to security extends to regular security scans, penetration testing of our applications and systems, and strict adherence to PCI DSS standards, all highlighting our dedication to safeguarding your privacy and security.

Do you sell or use my data for anything else?

Never. Your data is solely used to handle your payments and related transactions. Our commitment to this principle ensures that your trust in us is well-placed.

What happens if I have a problem I need help solving? What support do you offer?

At Benji Pays, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional support whenever you encounter a problem. Instant help is available through our AI Assistant—just click the question mark icon at any screen’s bottom right corner. For more in-depth assistance, Standard and Pro Plan users can email us at support@benjipays.com, while Premium and Enterprise clients have exclusive access to phone support at 1-877-217-0110. If our lines are busy, please leave a message with your name and company, and we’ll make returning your call a priority. Our multifaceted support system ensures that help is always just a few clicks or a call away.